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Rif is the solo EP from STANLÆY (aka. Bethany) written, played and recorded in near isolation in Northern Iceland, December 2018-January 2019, exploring the melding of synthetic and meticulously crafted sounds, with organic and raw instrumentation close to Bethany’s heart. Rif was released & premiered on Son of Marketing November 2019, and shortly after notably appeared on BBC radio 6 with Gidean Coe.

“The four tracks merge a combination of gentle electronic production and the organic sounds of the violin. Like previous STANLÆY releases, the music is impossible to pigeonhole, the myriad of influences effortlessly traversed by Stenning’s alluringly quirky tones.” – Twisted Soul Music

"Limbless is an exploration of physical dislocation, our reliance on ephemeral, digital technology to replace physical contact and how alienating this can be. The Multiverse Moat explores notions of free will and personal agency, Oyster Song the quest for simplicity in a fractured world, and in contrast with these explorations of The Big Themes, Ted’s Tune is a beautifully sweet violin instrumental inspired by the birth of Bethany’s nephew Ted. These curious contradictions and juxtapositions are what make the music of STANLÆY so refreshing, and so continually engaging. Hallucinatory, twilight soundworlds with virtuoso post classical arrangements, haunting folk melodies and a deft palette of subtle and ever evolving textures. Fairy tale chamber pop for the 21st Century."

Released November 8, 2019

Mixed by Harry Stoneham
Mastered by Oliver Baldwin​

R I F  E P

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