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collaborations with cosmic friends...


SNAZZBACK ft. STANLÆY - We Out Here festival 2021. A special online live festival version, reworking the original from 'In the place'


'Looking Glass';

a collaborative songwriting process with critically acclaimed Ishmael Ensemble - ft. STANLÆY on harp, dulcimer and vocals (BBC radio 6, The Guardian)

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sylva peace;

A duo consisting of Bethany Stenning, and Francis Peters (01934). Experimental, celestial electronic music


The project of the granular production, composition & dystopian singing of Bethany Stenning married to Chris Langton's (Snazzback) experimental jazz drumming, and electronic noise art

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Waldo's Gift, ft. Lyrebird and STANLÆY ~ a commemorative photo to honour James Koch, The Gallimaufry and the beautiful musical relationships that grow from the sonic soil provided in Bristol

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